Athletica Ultimate Health & Fitness Pack

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  • Athletica Ultimate Health & Fitness Pack

    Price $30.00
    • 1xAthletica Gym Bag with over-shoulder strap (choice of 2 colours)
    • 1xAthletica Flat Brim Truckers Cap
    • 1xAthletica Gymsack Drawstring Bag
    • 1xAthletica Protein Shake Bottle
    • 1xAthletica 2L Sports Drink Bottle
    • 1xAthletica 2kg Ankle Weights
    • 1xAthletica Gym Singlet
    • 1xAthletica Gym Towel
    • 1xAthletica Sports Socks
    • 1xWhite Glo Charcoal Toothpaste 24gm
    • 1xPepsi Max Vanilla 600ml
    • 1xBuderim Ginger Beer
    • 2xLindt Chocolate 100gm
    • 1xValcom Red Curry Paste
    • 1xHigher Living Tea Sachet
    Value $154.95
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