Australian Women's Weekly Showbag

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  • Australian Women's Weekly Showbag

    Price $18.00
    • 1xAustralian Women's Weekly Tote Bag
    • 1xAustralian Women's Weekly Magazine (Current Issue)
    • 1xCountry Style (Current Issue)
    • 1xWoman's Day (Current Issue)
    • 1xWomen's Weekly Baking Cookbook
    • 1xL'oreal Elvive Detox Conditioner 250mL
    • 1xFood for Health Nutty Almond Fruit Free Clusters 35g
    • 1xenerGi Bio Bar
    • 1xMaybelline Dream Cushion Foundation
    • 1xDrink Me Chai Spiced Chai 18g
    • 1xDrink Me Chai Free From 18g
    • 1xQueen Cinnamon Baking Paste 40g
    • 1xQueen Passionfruit Baking Paste 40g
    • 1xColgate Nature's Extract Sample
    • 1xKool'n'Soothe Migraine Single Pack
    • 1xClorox Magic Eraser
    • 1xDesigner Brands Eyeliner Pencil
    • 1xPalmers Cocoa Butter Sachet
    • 1xBio Oil Sample
    • 1xNatralus Essential Beauty Pack
    • 1xNatralus Paw Paw Ointment Sachet
    • 1xWaterWipes x 2
    • 1xUncle Ben's Rice 250g
    • 1xTwinings Morning Tea
    • 1xOcean Spray Craisns
    • 1xHealtheries KidsCare Rice Wheels 18g
    • 1xCetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 30ml
    • 1xQueen Lime Baking Paste 40g
    • 1xQueen Cinnamon Baking Paste 40g
    • 1xKewpie Roasted Sesame & Soy Sesame Dressing
    • 1x28 Black Pink Grapefruit 250mL
    • 1xMasterfoods Ready to Heat Gravy 160g
    • 1xBody Trim Ultra Low Card Choc Chip Cookie
    • 1xCadbury Dark Milk 12.5g
    • 1xClearwipes 10 pack
    • 1xFisherman's Friend Peppermint 25g
    • 1xFisherman's Friend Spearmint 25g
    • 1xLeprosy Mission Catalogue
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    Value $157.72
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