Canberra on Show


Share what makes you special.


Canberra on Show is for everyone! Canberra on Show (COS) will feature up to 50 stalls from the Canberra community, including local food and drinks suppliers, various community and not-for-profit groups, and high quality handmade goods producers.  Canberra on Show will also provide an opportunity for a host of local musicians, dancers and entertainers to perform on a professional standard stage with quality sound and lighting.  

The Canberra community stage will feature singing, dancing, jazz, rock, pop, R&B, big band, country, folk and traditional music. There will also be cultural ceremonies (such as a Chinese tea ceremony) and an equmenical service on the Sunday morning.

If you are interested please send the following information through to:

  • Name of group
  • Preferred Performance day & time 
  • Length of performance
  • Number of members in group
  • Overview of group and performance
  • Contact persons email and mobile number

Day  Time  Show 
Friday, 22 February 2019 10:00am Mount Stromlo High School
  11:00am Campbell High Jazz band
  12:00pm Telopea Park High School band
  3:00pm Inka Marka 
  3:30pm Chinese Tea Ceremony
  4:15pm Warehouse Circus
  5:00pm Pacific Island Showcase - Fijian Dance Group
  5.10pm Pareo dance
  5.20pm United Nesian Movement
  6:00pm Kulturebreak - Motownphilly
  6.02pm Let's Dream
  6.05pm JFH (Wanna Ride)
  6.07pm James O'Hehir
  6.12pm Tori Nikias
  6.17pm Elevate Elite
  6.20pm Believe
  6.25pm Can You Feel It (CHF Mix)
  6:30pm Indian Bollywood Dancers 
  6.35pm Yugo Yoga Zing (Rajni Ghai)
  6.45pm Traditional Bollywood (Krishna Shukla)
  6.50pm Arabian Bollywood fusion (Jacqui Princi)
  7.00pm Bollywood Nach 
  7.05pm Varis De Punjab (Bhangra0
  7.20pm Bollywood Rhythm Group (Shalini Sharma)
  7.30pm Blamey Street, Jumptown Jammers 
  8.30pm Connexion, Swing Katz
Day  Time  Show 
Saturday, 23 February 2019 11.00am Nepalese Dance Group
  11:30am Inka Marka
  12:00pm Indian Bollywood- Mike Brown
  12.05pm Traditional Dance Group (Bengali Association) 
  12.10pm Traditional Dance Group (Bengali Culture East India) 
  12.15pm Solo Bollywood
  12.20pm Spurthi
  12.25pm Duet Dance Bollywood medley 
  12.30pm MLC Mother Language Dance
  12.40pm Canberra School of Bollywood 
  12.50pm Ileg Dance Group
  1.00pm Yugo Yoga Zing 
  1.10pm Fashion Parade
  1:35pm Kulturebreak - Motownphilly
    Let's Dream, JFH (Wanna Ride), Maia Gaval
    Jam (Immortal Version), Amelia Andersson Nickson
    Believe, Elevate Elite, James O'Hehir, Blaskovic Twins
    JFH (Righ Now), Tori Nikias, Can You Feel It (CHF Mix)
  2.30pm African Showcase - Felix & Group
  2.50pm Drumassault
  3.10pm Ethiopian Dancers
  3.20pm Sudanese Dance Group
  3.50pm Paul Mpofa (Award Winning Blind artist Kenya)
  4:00pm Afro Dancers Sierra Leone
  4.10pm Afro Beats with DJ Juice
  4.20pm Zambezi Soundz
  4:30pm Thai Dancers
  5:10pm Chinese Tea Ceremony
  5:30pm Pacific Island Showcase - United Nesian Movement
  6:00pm Latin American Showcase  - Flamenco
  6.15pm Subdance
  6.20pm Salsabor
  6.25pm Kokoloco
  6.30pm Funky Troop (band)
  7:00pm Los Chavos (band)
  7.25pm Raio De Sol + Samba Girls
  8.00pm Gina Jeffreys
Day  Time  Show 
Sunday, 24 February 2019 9:00am Interfaith Gathering
  9:30am  - Hindu; Mormons 
  10:00am  - Uniting Church, Islamic, Christians
  10:30am Gay & Lesbian Choir
  11:15am ANU Choral Society
  12:00pm Canberra Burns Club Pipe Band
  12:45pm Humbug 
  1.30pm Local choirs - Mutlicultural Choir, 7 Stream Choir
    Pentecostal Church Choir
  3.00pm Inka Marka 
  3.30pm Mandolin Orchestra
  4.15pm Music for Canberra's Brass Ensemble



Full PDF Timetable Available HERE