Australian Women's Weekly Showbag

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  • Australian Women's Weekly Showbag

    Price $18.00
    • 1xAustralian Women's Weekly Tote Bag
    • 1xAustralian Women's Weekly Magazine (Current Issue)
    • 1xHouse & Garden Magazine (current issue)
    • 1xWoman's Day (Current Issue)
    • 1xKlorane Dry Shampoo 150ml Oat Milk
    • 1xPirahna Snaps 50g
    • 1xOrganics by Red Bull 250ml
    • 1xAustralia's Own Whipping Cream UHT 200ml
    • 1xOcean Spray Craisins 30g Low Sugar
    • 1xFisherman’s Friend Peppermint Freshmints 25g
    • 1xFisherman’s Friend Spearmint Freshmints 25g
    • 1xCarmans Dark Almond, Hazelnut & Vanilla Protein Bar 35grams
    • 1xFairy Platinum Plus Lemon Dishwashing Tablets
    • 1xTabasco Green Jalapeno Sauce 3.7ml
    • 1xNATVIA 12 gram Strawberry Spread
    • 1xNATVIA 12 gram Raspberry Spread
    • 1xQi Tea Sample Pack
    • 1xHello Fresh Voucher
    • 1xCetaphil Moisturising Cream 10g
    • 1xDr Lewinn's Vitamin Infused Micellar Water 30mL
    • 1xHaruharu WONDER Maqui Berry Soothing Sheet Mask
    • 2xPalmers Cocoa Butter Sachet
    • 1xSavvy Cupcake Wrappers
    • 1xSpecial K Smoothie 140g
    • 1xSwisspers Cotton Tips
    • 1xSwisspers Rosewater Wipes
    • 1xTwinings Morning Time Tea
    • 1xVege Chips
    • 1xVetta Smart Fibre Penne Pasta
    • 1xViolet Crumble 100g
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    Value $168.00
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