My Kitchen Rules Showbag

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  • My Kitchen Rules Showbag

    Price $25.00
    • 1xMKR Cooler Bag (choose one)
    • 1xMKR Apron OR MKR Chopping Board (choose one)
    • 1xMKR Water Bottle
    • 1xCupcake Savvy Wrappers
    • 1xFairy Dishwashing Tablets 3pk
    • 1xSpecial K Smoothie 140g
    • 1xViolet Crumble 100g
    • 1xNutri-Grain Protein Squeezer
    • 1xFisherman's Friend Spearmint 25g
    • 1xFisherman's Friend Peppermint 25g
    • ___
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    Value $111.00
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