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    Price $20.00
    • 8xWizz Fizz Original Flavour
    • 1xFyna Musk Stix 50g
    • 1xFyna Fruit Stix 50g
    • 1xTrolli Sour Gecko
    • 1xTriple Dipper
    • 1xKadunk Sour Dip
    • 1xTNT Mega Sour Tower
    • 1xRadz Fizz Bombs Blast Drops 10 Pack
    • 6xTNT Shock Bar Assorted Flavours
    • 1x60g Gummy Snakes
    • 1x60g Butterscotch
    • 1x150g TNT Super Sour Chew Balls
    • 1xSticky Hand
    • 1xTNT Mega Slime
    • 2xPop Rocks Strawberry/Cola Twin Pack
    • 1xRager Dynamite Drop Sour Candy 10 Pack
    • 1xTNT Sour Foam
    Value $26.80
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