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Getting to the Show and Things You Need to Know

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Happy Healthy Show Tips

The Royal Canberra Show wants everybody to have a happy healthy Show by following these great tips.

  • Wear some walking shoes: With so much to see, you’re going to be doing a lot of walking at the Show! Walking is a fantastic physical activity. Keep it up when you leave and ‘Be Active for Life’.
  • Slip, Slop, Slap!  Remember to be SunSmart during the Show and wear your hat, sunscreen and light, long-sleeved shirts.  Free sunscreen will be available at the information booths and the Cancer Council of ACT in Recreation Court.
  • Shoes are essential: When entering the horse and large animal areas. 
  • Enjoy the fresh air! A reminder that all pavilions and covered animal enclosures are SmokeFree areas. The Main Arena Grandstand is also a designated outdoor SmokeFree area.
  • Keep your fluids up: Make sure you drink plenty of water.

Safety Around Animals

Although most show animals are domesticated, they can cause injury and should be treated with caution. The size and bulk of some animals can make them potentially dangerous.

Please advise young children of the following:

  • Do not make any sudden movements or loud noises. This may startle the animals.
  • Do not poke or tease animals or imitate the sound an animal makes.
  • Only touch animals if the owner is present and gives his or her permission to do so.
  • Do not stand behind the animals.
  • Quietly speak to the animal as you approach to avoid frightening the animal.
  • Move slowly in single file when around animals. Cows can see nearly 360 degrees without moving their heads. A quick movement from behind is just as likely to frighten them as a movement from the front.
  • Allow enough space between yourself and the animals to avoid being stepped on, kicked or bitten.
  • Be extra careful around small newborn animals. Adult females are more aggressive when protecting their young.
  • Touch animals gently. Do not push or shove.
  • Very young children, particularly in prams, should not be moved close to an animal and the child should not be encouraged to pat.
  • Wash hands thoroughly immediately after touching animals. Hand sanitiser and washing facilities are provided.