What's on

There is a lot to see and do on the main arena and around the grounds.

Check out the Entertainment Program here.

Main Arena


Born from the highly successful Showtime FMX Team which has performed at past Canberra Shows, Airtime delivers captivating FMX perfomances at major events across Australia. We have increased the times available to see the Airtime crew perform, with shows at lunchtime and in the evenings. See our Entertainment guide for more specific information. 


Tent Pegging

Tentpegging originated in the North West frontier of India and was taken up by the soldiers of the British Cavalry to use as practice for mounted warfare.
The term ‘tentpegging’ is related to a battle tactic used by cavalry where a pre-dawn raid on an enemy camp would take place with riders severing or uprooting tent pegs, thus collapsing the tents on their sleeping occupants, and reaping havoc and terror in the camp.
Today, the sport is practised in many countries, mainly by civilian and light horse. It involves a mounted horseman riding at a gallop, and using a sword or a lance to pierce, pick up and carry away a small ground target (a symbolic tent peg) or series of small ground targets.

Showmow Racing

We are ShowMOW Racing, a lawnmower racing club on the South Coast of NSW. You think agriculture, you think lawnmowers... maybe not like this but that's what we love about it.

Established in 2004, the club is devoted to the semi-serious recreational sport of ride-on mower racing. What started out as three motorsport enthusiasts coming together to find an inexpensive way to race, has grown to become a professional outfit performing at shows, community events, and at our HQ track in Bomaderry.

Grand Parade


No Royal Canberra Show is complete without fireworks. Our brand new displays will take place at 9PM on Friday and Saturday nights. Don't miss it!




Around the Grounds

Science Extravaganza - find them in the Link Building (Conference Centre of EPIC)

Liquid Nitrogen Show - 3 shows daily!

A super cool science show that is fun for all ages. Come along and witness

a shrinking balloon, smashing a rubber ball and what happens to flowers when

they freeze.

Other Exhibitors include: ACT Waterwatch • Young Engineers Australia  • NatureArt lab • Canberra Daleks and Robots • Icon water 
• Fizzics Education • Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation • Australian Science Innovations 



Farmyard Nursery

In the Farmyard Nursery we will have a special chicken hatchery area where you can see baby chickens being born. Take your picture with a cute
and cuddly farm baby, and learn about what life’s like out on the farm for these babies.

Flyball Competition



Racing Pigs