Jumbo Gummy

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  • Jumbo Gummy

    Price $25.00
    • 1xYUPI mega Pizza 90g
    • 8xYUPI Baby Bears
    • 8xYUPI Neon Stix
    • 8xYUPI Cola Bottles
    • 1xKarate Roller Rainbow
    • 1xKarate Roller Strawberry
    • 1xwhoopie cushion
    • 1xWicked Fizz Bar
    • 1xYUPI aquarium 14g
    • 1x250g strawberry heart marshmallows
    • 1xSnappy Wrist Band
    • 1xBig YUPI Burger
    • 1xYUPI Frank
    • 1xGiant YUPI Cola bottle
    • 1xXXL Goop Sour Slime
    • 1x140g Haribo Sour S'Ghetti
    • 1xYUPI Pizza 14g
    Value $41.60
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