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    Price $20.00
    • 1xSour Patch Kids 170g
    • 1xTNT Sour Chew Balls 150g
    • 2xTNT Mega Sour Straps 75g
    • 1xTrolli Brite Crawlers 150g
    • 1xTNT Sour Face Dips
    • 2xChupa Chups Sour Bites 24.2g
    • 2xTNT Mega Sour Crazy Crackles
    • 3xZappo Sour Fizz Chews 12g
    • 3xZappo Millions
    • 1xZappo Sour Cola
    • 1xZappo Sour Grape
    • 1xZappo Sour Pineapple
    • 1xZappo Sour Tutti Frutti
    • 1xZappo Sour Strawberry
    • 4xZappo Drops 4g
    • 2x15g Zappo Sour Grumpy Dips
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    Value $26.55
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