Harvest Hall - Fitzroy Pavilion

Welcome to the Harvest Hall Exhibitors Page, featuring an impressive lineup of businesses from various corners of the food and grocery industry. Our exhibitors are ready to delight your senses and cater to your diverse preferences. Explore their offerings and get to know these exceptional brands:

F 21: Kakes by KC: https://www.instagram.com/

H 3 – 4 Macaron De Paris Instagram

H 6    3 Sons Cider http://www.3sonscider.com.au/

H 7    Jims Jerky https://www.jimsjerky.com.au/

H 8-9 Ugly Swan https://uglyswan.com.au/

H 10-11 Wine Selectors https://www.wineselectors.com.au/

H 12  Chapo’s Raw Honey  Instagram

H 13  Paddy the Baker - https://paddythebaker.com/

H 14  Grumpy Enterprises https://grumpysgingerbeer.com.au/

H 15 Spit Shack http://spitshack.com.au/

H 16 Garlic Essentials Website

H 17-34 Local Spirit Group https://www.localspirit.co/

H 18 Goose on Loose https://www.gooseontheloose.com/

H 19 Power of Bee https://powerofthebee.com/

H 20 Zen Craft

H 21 The Canberra Distillery   https://thecanberradistillery.com.au/

H 22 Nougat Limar https://www.nougatlimar.com.au/

H 23 Costco Wholesale https://www.costco.com.au/

H 24-25 Contentious Character  https://www.contentiouscharacter.com.au/

H 26 Enjo  https://www.enjo.com.au/

H 27 Latorta  https://www.latorta.com.au/

H 28 Mama’s Roses Rocky Road https://www.mamarosiesrockyroad.com.au/

H 30 Pure Gelato ACT https://www.puregelato.com.au/

H 32 Glowed Up https://www.vikisvodka.com/ 

H 33 My Mates Relish https://www.mymatesrelish.com.au/

H 35 Kielty Irish https://www.kieltysirish.com.au/

H 36 Hilltops Free Range https://www.hilltopsfreerange.com/

H 38-39 Local Spirit Group https://www.localspirit.co/  

New Additions:

Site 5 Fluffy Crunch https://fluffycrunch.com.au/

Site 31 Bondi Smokehouse https://www.bondismokehouse.com.au/

Fitzroy Forecourt: Located just out the front of the Harvest Hall

ACT Greens: Website


Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other with our diverse range of exhibitors. Enjoy the flavors, craftsmanship, and creativity that each one brings to Harvest Hall!