Leisure and Lifestyle Pavilion - Budawang

Welcome to the Leisure and Lifestyle Pavilion and Budawang Pavilion, where you'll find a diverse array of businesses and organisations, each offering something unique to enhance your leisure and lifestyle.
Get ready to explore the following exhibitors:

B 1: - Asia Dream Imports - Bringing the charm of Asia to your doorstep.

B 2-3: ACT Corrective Services - Learn about their important work in the community. Website

B 4-5: R H Metal Concepts - Melding artistry with metal, creating beautiful concepts.

B 6-7: Diabetes Australia - Promoting diabetes awareness and support. Website

B 9: Sling Guard - Explore innovative solutions for dog travel safety. Website

B 10: Pain Pod -  Website

B 11: Health Hub 4u: Website

B 12 & 13: Get Catty - Website

B 14 & 15: Outback fudge: Website

B 16 & 17: Exchange for Change - Website

B 18-19-20-21: Royal Flying Doctor Service - Saving lives in remote areas. Website

B 28:  Crafting My Story: Website

B 29-30: Niagara Medical Therapy - Uncover innovative medical solutions. Website

B 31: Surf Life Saving: Website

B 32: Laurelle London Australia - creates and manufactures exclusive beauty brands for a variety of retailers. Website

B 33-34: Dragon Roast Coffee - Awaken your senses with exceptional coffee. Website

B 35-36: KAN Kreate and Co - A hub of creativity and craftsmanship. Website

B 37: Brink and Forbes - Discover exquisite craftsmanship and design. Website

B 39: Obsessive - A haven for enthusiasts and collectors.

B 40: Defence Bank: Website

B 41: Eyes Muff:  Website

B 42: Pristine Pools - Transform your outdoor space with the beauty of Pristine Pools. Website

B 45-60: I-Rest - Rest easy with their innovative solutions. Website

B 46: Transport for NSW Maritime - Ensuring safe waters and maritime transportation. Website

B 47: Paperlight - Shedding light on all things paper.

B 49-56: Essens Gem - A gem of a store for jewelry enthusiasts. Website

B 50-55: Aquaflo Irrigation - Keep your landscape thriving. Website

B 51-52-53-54: Gutter Knight Canberra - Protecting your home from the elements. Website

B 55: The Stellino Group: Website

B 57-58: One for Each Paw - For the love of our furry friends. Website

B 59: Mortgage Choice - Your mortgage, your choice. Website

B 61-62: Mellabella Gelato - Indulge in gelato goodness. Website

B 63: RSL Art Union - Support a noble cause and explore the artistry at RSL Art Union. Website

B 64: Northside Community Service Ltd - Building stronger communities. Website

B 65-66-71-72: Adjusta Mattress - For a perfect night's sleep. Website

B 67: Board Game Republic - A paradise for board game enthusiasts. Website

B 68: Capital Country Pools - Dive into a world of pools and leisure. Website

B 69: Australian Outdoor Living - Elevate your outdoor living experience. Website

B 70: Solargain - Embrace the power of solar energy. Website

B 74: Aloha Trading - A touch of the Aloha spirit.

B 75: ACT Together - Supporting children and families. Website

B 79:  Lil J Haircare - Website

B 80: Acahua: Website